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Indian Gaming Magazine, “M3t Vault”

December 2009

The M3t Vault is the market’s only real-time cashmanagement system, providing casino management a dashboard with a full view of all financial activity in the property in real-time.  Casino management can see in seconds the $1s, $5s, $10s and so on in all vaults, mini-banks, point-ofservice stations, ticket redemption kiosks and ATMs at any one of an operator’s properties around the world. This approach to cash management minimizes idle cash on property, paving the way for increased returns on investment capital, in addition to more efficient management of personnel.M3t has partnered with IBM and Datatrend Technologies to offer Vault as an entirely integrated hardware/software solution in an easy-to-implement andmanaged package, resulting in a faster deployment and realization of value. After 10 years of vault operations experience, research and development, the M3t Vault was designed to be scalable tomeet the needs of the largest multi-site operations.







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