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Global Gaming Business Magazine, “Financial Finesse”

December 9, 2009

At this year\'s G2E, M3 Technology Solutions, LLC unveiled the first cash management system that provides casino management a full view of all financial activity on one or more properties in real time. 

Casino management can see in seconds the $1, $5, $10, etc. bills in all vaults, mini-banks, point-of-sale stations, ticket redemption kiosks and ATMs at any one of an operator\'s properties around the world. With a powerful deposit estimator and configurable reporting features that guide casinos through crucial management decisions, the Vault minimizes idle cash inventory, paving the way for increased investment capital and more efficient management of personnel.

Other benefits include analytical reporting features and enhanced security attributes, along with total integration of all automated cash processing equipment.

\"We know in this economy operators are looking for cost savings,\" says Kent Bowden, M3t\'s president. \"The Vault helps M3t is unique in the gaming technology sector because it doesn\'t manufacture games, but focuses solely on casino management systems technology. The Oklahoma-based company launched the industry\'s first slot accounting system/serverto-server hybrid ticket server in 2001.

Since then, it has been refining the Vault product through research, development and a continual assessment of customer needs.

\"The Vault is really a response to our customers,\" Bowden says. \"They\'ve told us what could help them operate more efficiently and that they don\'t want to be tied to a vendor-centric model.

\"Based on this feedback, our research and development department created Vault. It will continue to evolve with the everchanging dynamic on the casino floor, with the final objective being to improve the player experience.\"

For the Vault, M3t has partnered with Datatrend, an IBM preferred partner, to offer operators an integrated casino management system that can lead to faster deployment and realization of value, instead of the typical, time-intensive mix-andmatch software and hardware approach.

The M3t Vault offers the benefits of IBM\'s industry-leading server technology with Datatrend\'s integration, deployment and implementation experience. The result is a simple-yet-scalable, cost-effective cash management solution.

By Caitlin McGarry

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