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Indian Country Today, “M3 Technology Solutions releases M3t Vault”

January 27, 2010

NORMAN, Okla. – M3 Technology Solutions’ casino management software currently manages one-third of the tribal casinos in Oklahoma, and recently launched a new product called the M3t Vault that is changing the way casino operators view and manage their floors.

The M3t Vault maximizes control over the casino floor by providing a continuous flow of financial information in real time. The product provides the following features:

  • It provides real-time updates on all financial activity at one property or multiple properties across the world.
  • It is a system-center model where all machines are connected to the server, regardless of the game manufacturer.
  • It is compatible with SAS and S2S.
  • It allows for a real-time upload of the “soft count” (versus the standard daily upload), so variances are flagged and corrected when they happen (rather than forcing audits on variances).

M3t is unique among casino management system providers because it doesn’t manufacture games but focuses on casino management systems, with continual research and development of systems that directly answer the needs in the industry. For example, the M3t Vault’s Command Center gives a graphical overview of the casino floor, showing each machine’s coin in and coin out and color coding the machines to show how well they’re performing for customers. The M3t Command Center also allows the general manager to move, add or remove machines to generate the best floor performance.

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