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Global Gaming Business, “m3t partners with Datatrend”

September 25, 2009

September 25, 2009, Gaming software company m3t recently announced a new, global partnership with Datatrend Technologies, an IBM premier business partner. By combining m3t\'s casino management system and Datatrend\'s server technology, the two companies have developed a cash management system that is expected to change the way casinos do business.

\"As many casino resort operators pull through the current recession, our research has shown that CFOs and GMs are beginning to look more closely at cost saving solutions, including managing idle property cash,\" said m3t CEO Kent Bowden. \"More closely viewing transactions with m3t systems can provide up to 20 percent more funds for investment opportunities. We are excited to work with Datatrend and the IBM technology to consolidate the virtualization of the casino and bring these bundled benefits to our customers worldwide.\"

The new real-time cash management system will help gaming operators track their cash flow more efficiently, which has become a necessity for casinos during the current economic downturn.

\"By combining m3t\'s two decades of gaming software expertise with our long-term leadership in hardware integration and implementation across multiple industries, we offer casinos and resorts a simplified buying process and a faster way to recognize their investment,\" said Darren Waldrep, vice president of strategic alliances for Datatrend Technologies. \"This integrated solution cuts costs and increases efficiencies. In this economy, these kinds of choices are especially crucial for maintaining a leading edge.\"

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