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A single-scalable casino cash management system, Vault gives casino general managers and CFO's an instant view of multi-property cash positions at any time. The m3t Vault provides easily accessible, real-time cash flow figures for all vaults, minibanks, point-of-sale stations, ticket redemption kiosks and automated teller machines. Vault can be applied to a single property or multiple properties around the globe.

Real-time Reporting

Nowadays, numbers in real time are a must. The m3t Vault provides operators with quick and easy cash flow figures for all vaults, mini-banks, POS stations (cashiers, restaurants, gift shops, etc.), ticket redemption kiosks, and ATMs—even for casino resorts with numerous locations around the world. So you know where you stand at all times and your idle cash inventory is minimized.

Ticket Imaging

Going paperless saves trees and headache. Cashiers can quickly image a whole shift’s worth of tickets, validate the amount of tickets, and determine whether or not they have been redeemed. Ticket images are permanently stored in the m3t database—eliminating the need to store and search for fragile paper tickets, an auditing issue just waiting to happen.

Quick Count and Quick Drawers

Everyone wants speed and security. The m3t Vault’s custom money-bundling features and quick count drawers allow vaults to be efficiently opened and closed. The m3t Vault creates an entire batch of drawers for the cage, tables, and player services while maintaining the integrity of vault accounting. Cash and coin that is part of the vault total, not yet disbursed, is tracked down to the penny.

Deposit Estimator

Consider this tool your right hand man. The m3t Vault uses historical data to identify trends and give a full picture of the needed cash position. On-demand reports detail which denominations need to be deposited and which need to be replenished in the vault. Easily accessible settings allow managers to configure and maintain the right mix of cash and coin.

Transaction by Denomination

Know where your money is. The m3t Vault gives management a real-time view of all money coming in and out of the vault—broken down by denomination, including tickets and chips—as well as reports of all cash sitting idle in POS terminals and ATMs.

Bankroll Increases and Exchanges

Eliminate the middle man. Currently, cashiers must request money transfers over the phone, wait for a security guard to deliver the funds, then complete the required paperwork. The m3t Vault cuts the time spent completing this process, allowing casinos to manage funds in POS terminals and constantly account for money moving around the property—all with a documented audit trail when needed.

Variance Correction

Prevent mismanagement of money—accidental or intentional. Left unchecked, a variance in the vault leads to inaccurate records of cash on hand and opens the door to fraud. With the m3t Vault, variances in opening and closing numbers are accounted for daily and can be easily addressed by the system user.


Streamline the process. Resorts allow employees to place tips in the vault for safekeeping, but they must be manually tracked, creating a time-consuming and frustrating process for both vault personnel and employees. The m3t Vault can manage all tips collected on the floor and through casino services. Features like tax deductions for the IRS and flexible disbursement settings allow tips to be distributed based on departments..


Q. What is the m3t Vault?

A. This fully integrated cash management system is a simple, streamlined solution that guides management through crucial decisions in real time to achieve flawless floor management.

Q. What can the Vault do for me?

A. It can help you better manage your money, time, and people. Specifically, the Vault allows you to:

  • simplify the buying process and recognize your investment quicker manage idle property cash
  • cut costs and increase efficiencies
  • maximize personnel effectively
  • monitor cash flow

Q. How do I get the m3t Vault at my casino?

A. Just call us at 877.706.7394 for more information. The Vault is scalable to fit large or multi-site operations and requires minimum installation time.

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